Lenders have alot of rules reguarding prospecting


cash loan 24hoursThey even done a directly speaking tape for the abuses that went on. I don’t think the entire Lender really give a dam reguarding rules and regulations.I’ve gone to a sales job interview in the newspaper and one of their distributors where giving me a pitch on Herbalife. The Lender companies are afraid of their distributor force leaving and going to another company. I’ve seen a lot of these ads in the newspaper advertising sales job or beaty section. A lot of my friends been scam to go to these interviews. I know cash-loan has some sort of rule reguarding the percentage of income made by tools,seminar,and rallies. But the owners of MoneyNow Llc where afraid of their top distributors leaving. If these loan companies enforce their rules and stand by them…. 24 hour loans network marketing industry would be a lot better shape today.

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