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          Product Search:
          · Valox injection molding process

          · Valox® 357

          PC/PBT, Impact Modifier, Flame Retardant

          · Valox® 357U

          Unreinforced PBTP, UL94 V-0/5VA rated. Improved UV resistant version of VALOX 357. Nonblooming flame retardant.

          · Valox® 420

          30% GR, excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. High heat resistance. Appliance handles, spotlights, electric motors, connectors.

          · Valox® 420SE0

          30% GR, UL94V-0/5V rated. Numerous applications; edge trimmers, food mixer motor stator and commutator, cooling fan, connectors, bobbins, switches etc

          · Valox® 310SE0

          Unreinforced, flame retardant PBT. V0-0.7mm.

          · Valox® DR48

          17% glass reinforced, flame retardant grade UL-94 rated V-0/5VA.

          · Valox® 553

          30% GR PBT+PC, UL94 V-0. Reduced warpage characteristics.Applications; appliance handles, spotlights, electric motors, pump housings, etc.

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