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          Product Search:
          · Cycoloy injection molding process

          · Cycoloy® C1200HF

          PC+ABS, excellent flow/impact/high heat resistance. Low temperature ductility. For automotive, appliance and electrical components.

          · Cycoloy® C2800

          Non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant PC+ABS offering balanced flow and impact properties for various applications.

          · Cycoloy® C6600

          Nonbrominated, nonchlorinated FR PC+ABS with balanced flow, impact and hydrolytic stability for a wide variety of applications including business equipment, monitors, enclosures, among others.

          · Cycoloy® C6200

          Non-chlorinated, nombrominated flame retardant PC/ABS offering balanced heat, flow and impact to meet various application needs.

          · Cycoloy® C2950

          Non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant PC/ABS offering balanced flow and impact plus improved heat resistance intended for various applications.

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