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          Product Search:
          · Lexan injection molding process

          · Lexan® 121R

          Nonhalogenated. 17.5 MFR, for small, intricate parts. Internal mold release.

          · Lexan® 141R

          Nonhalogenated. 10.5 MFR. Internal mold release.

          · Lexan® 143R

          Nonhalogenated. 10.5 MFR. UV-stabilized. Internal mold release.

          · Lexan® 241R

          10.5 MFR. Improved flame retardance.Internal mold release.

          · Lexan® 221R

          17.5 MFR, for small, intricate parts. Improved flame retardance. Internal mold release.

          · Lexan® 940A

          Medium viscosity, flame retardant PC. Exceptional surface. Clear, tints and opaque colors.

          · Lexan® 943A

          Medium viscosity, superior flame retardance. UV-Stabilized. Clear, tints and opaque colors.

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